Douwe Schat

Douwe Schat

As the chairman of Risk you are the face of Risk and responsible for the entire association. You have to be aware of everything concerning the association at all times. This starts with supporting and motivating your fellow board members and the active members.

Next to managing the general interests of Risk, you are responsible for the strategy. The annual policy, made by you and the other board members at the start of your board year, is part of the association’s strategy. Throughout the year you are responsible for the general progress and implementation of the various targets set in the policy.

Another important task of the chairman is to maintain contact with external parties. Here you should think of the faculty, other associations, and the ‘Financiële Associatie Nederland’ (FAN). The contact with the faculty is very important. As chairman of the board you have a lot of contact with program coordinators and directors of all target groups of Risk. As a result, you are up to date on everything concerning the programs, so Risk will be able anticipate on changes. There is also intensive contact with the other associations of the Faculty of Economics and Business. As chairman you have monthly meetings with all chairmen of the other associations (EBF, MARUG, VESTING and TeMa). These meetings are to optimize the collaboration between the associations.

The FAN is a collaboration between five financial study associations within the Netherlands. Once every five weeks you will have a meeting to discuss the events organized together. Furthermore, the FAN is a good way to help each other and to get to know fellow board members from similar associations.

Last but not least, as chairman you are the representative of the association. So for example, you will speak at several events. Interested and/or do you have more questions about the position of chairman within Risk? Don’t hesitate to contact Douwe Schat by sending an email to