Gijs Hatzmann

Gijs Hatzmann

The function of Vice Chairman is a very broad position. You will be busy doing a lot of different kind of tasks. You will be doing strategic work, but you are also busy with career support and contacting companies. Your position will involve a lot of working together with the rest of the board.

Together with the Chairman you are responsible for the strategy. The annual policy, made by you and the other board members at the start of your board year, is part of the association’s strategy. Your main task here is the goal-setting. This means that you will set concrete goals with your board members and also coordinate goal-setting within all the committees. Moreover, you are responsible for analyzing opportunities to set-up new events throughout the year. By being responsible for the strategic side, you learn to make long term decisions.

As Vice Chairman you are also responsible for thirty percent of the partners of Risk, for who you will be the contact person. You have to handle everything professionally. The companies are very important for Risk and together with the External Relations, you have to make sure everything goes as agreed with the partners. Next to that, you will be going on company visits in the summer. These company visits are aimed at strengthening ties with the partners.

The contact with the companies helps you during the Career Support, another responsibility for the Vice Chairman. If students want help with orientating, getting in contact with companies or want to prepare for after their studies, they can ask you for help. Of course, this also helps for your own career orientation.

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