Sarah van der Wal

Sarah van der Wal

The internal coordinator of the Risk Board is responsible for the contact with students, the primary target group of Risk. You are the contact person for (active) members and responsible for bringing the association under the attention of new students. Besides, the internal coordinator is responsible for the promotion and ensures the corporate identity is consistently used. To ensure this, you will guide the committees with promoting their events.

Next to the promotion of Risk, you are responsible for the recruitment of new active members. Risk has two recruitment periods every year. Prior to these periods, you will coordinate the promotion and have coffee dates with students who are interested in becoming an active member. Also, you plan and conduct the interviews and finally select the new active members.

Moreover, you organize a large number of informal activities, such as parties and the active members weekend. Next to informal activities, you also organize trainings for active members.

As the internal coordinator you meet many new people, which helps you develop your communicative skills quickly. Besides, you should be able to plan, keep the overview and work precisely. Also, assertiveness and creativity are of great importance.

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