Sebastiaan Gessel

Sebastiaan Gessel

As the external relations of the board you have a key role within Risk. It is not only your task to acquire general sponsors for Risk, but you are also responsible for attracting companies for all the activities organized by Risk. All in all, a very important position within an association that is dependent on its commercial partners.

Throughout the year you are the contact person for current and potential partners of Risk. Every email or phone call needs to be handled professionally to ensure the company wants to cooperate with Risk. Companies are involved in almost every activity organized by Risk and your task is to make sure everything goes as agreed with the partners.

Company visits will be a big part of your summer. These company visits are aimed at strengthening ties with the existing partners and to get as many new partners as possible. These visits will show you the possibilities at those companies and their different company cultures.

However, you do not do the acquisition completely on your own. In the committees there also external relations positions and the Vice-Chairman of the board also coördinates a set of companies. You coordinate the acquisition for the committees and ensure professionalism.

Finally, you are always aware of the latest relevant vacancies and events of companies. This is because you are taking care of all the promotion for the companies and you are responsible for the career part of the website. With this information, you can inform members looking for internships, traineeships, or starter positions. This is not only useful for members, it certainly helps to orient yourself on your future career as well!

Would you like some more information on the position of external relations of the board or are you curious on experiences of the current external relations? Don’t hesitate and contact Sebastiaan Gessel by sending an email to