International Financial Program

The International Financial Program offers students the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of sales, research and consultancy. It is possible to apply for a position either as board member or participant. A board position will cost approximately 24 hours per week, whereas participants spend around 12 hours per week on the project.

Currently, the IFP Board 2021 are busy trying to determine which country is best for doing research!

The deadline for participant application is: 31st of May 2020

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Please find below the outline of the project per phase. Bear in mind that the set-up phase is only for the members of the board.

Set-up phase (April 2020– September 2020) – Only for board members
The first phase is concerned with selecting the destination for the project. Afterwards, the board will select 16 participants during the month May. The board members will already start preparations and the acquisition phase during the summer. This will approximately cost 3 days per week.

Preparation phase (September 2020– January 2021)
The students are specially trained in order to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge which will enable them to conduct the research successfully. This will be achieved by means of lectures, workshops and training sessions.

Desk phase (January 2021 - April 2021)
Research groups will start with their individual research assignment. The students will be coached by three professors in order to guarantee the quality of the research. A final research design will be developed in cooperation with participating companies.

Field research phase (April 2021 - May 2021)
In the second week of April 2021 we will travel to the country of choice. This phase of two and a half week will be marked by conducting research, which will mainly consist of visiting companies, taking interviews and gathering information. Again, the students will be supported and coached by the professors.

Reporting phase (May 2021 - June 2021)
After returning the information gathered will be processed into a report. The final report will be handed over and presented to the participating companies in June 2021.

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International Financial Program