Merger Risk & PM

On the first of March, the merger between study associations Risk and PM will be finalised. For the last couple of months, both parties have been working together towards a brand new association: Financial Study Association Groningen or FSG!

The reasoning behind the merger was mostly because of the mutual competition within the Accountancy & Controlling track. Both the boards of Risk and PM think this is the best solution to serve the A&C-students.
Although FSG is a new association, it will build upon the knowledge gained by both associations. Therefore, the activity portfolio will be expanded with more events for Accountancy & Controlling, as there will be an increase in the number of A&C-students.
For the students who are more interested in Finance, there will not be a big change as a result of the merger. 

We understand that the merger can raise some questions about the upcoming year. We are more than happy to elaborate about the merger and explain everything that is going to be different. For any questions you can contact us at

Founding Event Committee

The Founding Event Committee is the committee responsible for organizing the founding event. The duration of the committee is 8 months, starting in April 2021. The founding event will be held at the beginning of the academic year of 2021-2022 and it will consist of several separate events for each stakeholder of the Financial Study Association Groningen (FSG). The founding event is a celebration of the merger between Risk and PM and the establishment of the Financial Study Association: FSG. The Founding Event Committee will be similar to a lustrum committee. Being a part of the Founding Event Committee is a unique experience in which you will be responsible for establishing the first and largest official FSG event!

We are looking for the following positions:
•    Chairman
•    Treasurer
•    Commercial Relations I
•    Commercial Relations II
•    Public Relations & Promotion

Apply for the Founding Event Committee by sending your resume and motivation letter to before Sunday the 14th of March 23:59. 
For more information you can check our website or send an email to to plan a(n) (online) coffee meeting!

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