Date:  Friday, November 22, 2019 until Friday, November 29, 2019

This year Risk celebrates its 30 th  anniversary and therefore, we will organize the 6th Lustrum! The theme of the lustrum is Limitless - Beyond the Bubble and the colours are €100 green, €200 gold and €500 purple! You can buy your tickets now! Also, do not forget to enroll yourself for the Risk Lustrum Talks + (Business) Dinner!

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Lustrum Talks + Dinners


22/11: Alumni Activity @ Mooie Boules Amsterdam
On Friday the 22 nd  of November, we start the Lustrumweek with an event for all Risk Alumni. We will kick off the night at Mooie Boules in Amsterdam, where alumni can catch up with each other while enjoying a game of jeu de boules.

25/11: Limitless: The Grand Opening @ Newscafe (+ Afterparty @ ‘t Vaatje)
On Monday the 25th of November, we will host Limitless: The Grand Opening! At this party in Newscafe, we will kick off the week for our current members and other students. We offer unlimited beer, wine and soda from 22:00 to 03:00, after which the official Risk Lustrum Afterparty will take place at ‘t Vaatje.

27/11: Risk Lustrum Talks @ Aa-Kerk
On Wednesday, when everybody has recovered from the party, we will continue the Lustrumweek with the Risk Lustrum Talks in the Aa-Kerk. At this unique location, there will be two speakers elaborating on the financial markets and personal development as a financial student. Afterwards you will have the chance to talk about the discussed topics over drinks. 

27/11: Business Dinner @ ‘t Feithhuis or General Dinner @ Het Pakhuis
After you have enjoyed the interesting presentations the day is not done yet! If you are exploring career opportunities for after your study or you just want to meet people from well-known financial companies, the Risk Business Dinner is perfect for you. During a fancy three-course dinner you may meet your future employer. The participating companies are PwC, DPA and Yacht.

There will also be a general dinner at Het Pakhuis where you can enjoy dinner with your fellow students. The first 50 students who enroll for the Lustrum Talks are ensured of a dinner, so be quick!

28/11: Active Members Activity @ Indoorstrand Binn'npret
On Thursday, we will host an afternoon full of activities for our active members. Don’t worry, if you were an active member of Risk in the last five years, you are also invited to join! On this day, you will be able to play a game of paintball, bossaball and/or archery tag with other committee members. We will relax at the end of the day with some drinks and a winterbarbecue.

29/11: The Grand Finale: Turn off the Lights @ Stadslab (+ Afterparty @ ‘t Vaatje)
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Last but not least, we will end the week with the Grand Finale: Turn off the Lights at Stadslab, Suikerlaan 15. The closing party of our Lustrum will be beyond your expectations and will definitely be one for in the books! We can already give you a small preview: the dresscode will be white… After this party, we will continue partying at ‘t Vaatje, to make sure that this day will not be forgotten.

Hopefully you are just as excited as we are. We want to make it a memorable week and we hope that everyone will be there. See you in November! 

If you have any questions, please contact the committee via

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