Investment & Accountancy Evening II

Date:  Monday, November 11, 2019

The Risk Investment- and Accountancy Evenings Committee organizes four evenings this year. For these evenings, a variety of professional speakers and companies are invited to discuss relevant themes in the financial world. On this evening, two speakers are invited, of whom one will discuss an investment theme and the other will discuss an accountancy theme. Particiption is free and the location is Het Heerenhuis, Spilsluizen 9. Doors will be open from 19:30, both the Investment and the Accountancy Evening start at 20:00. The dress code is business casual. After the lectures there will be drinks. The first drinks and snacks are on us! From 22:00 onwards, we will continue with the Risk Social at ‘t Vaatje.

Investment Evening

The speaker at the Investment Evening will be Caspar Slagboom. He works at Penta Infra, an investment company in digital infrastructure. They invest in high quality datacenters and fi bre assets across Europe. Everyone takes it for granted that mobile networks function properly, without realising the innovations and techniques behind it. Caspar is going to take us behind the scenes of these networks and will discuss his experiences in this workfield. During this interactive lecture you will learn more about investing in digital infrastructure.

Accountancy Evening

The speaker at the Accountancy Evening will be Elbert Dijkgraaf. He was a senior partner at Deloitte, after which he became CEO of a family business for 4 years. He is currently partner at Eshuis Accountants. Besides being an accountant, Elbert is also an experienced supervisor, for example at Wildlands. He will take us through questions like, how do you value an animal? What if a company you audited goes bankrupt? How does it feel to be under investigation by the NBA? During his interactive lecture you will hear all about his experiences after being an accountant for 30 years.

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Investment & Accountancy Evening II