Date:  Monday, February 15, 2021

We all have to write a thesis for our Bachelor and/or Master’s degree at some time. The second masterclass of this year will provide an extensive explanation on how to write a proper thesis, how to find the right articles and what to do with your dataset. Steffen Eriksen, a professor at the University in Groningen, will come to discuss some do’s and don’ts for the master thesis such as how to prepare your dataset and which model to use for testing in Stata. In addition to his presentation, Jeroen van der Vaart will tell some more about the writing part of a thesis. Last year he won the Jan Brouwer Thesis Award. He received this award for the best master thesis written in the category ‘Economics’. Participants of this Masterclass will get a heads-up of what is important in terms of research design and what pitfalls to look out for. 

The masterclass takes place on Monday the 15th of February from 19:00 till about 22:00 and it will be held online. For any questions regarding this evening, please send an email to The Masterclass Committee will send you more information about the event via the mail. 

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