Risk Lustrum Talks + (Business) Dinner

On Wednesday the 27th of November, we will organize Risk Lustrum Talks, at Der Aa-Kerk in Groningen. At this event two speakers will elaborate on their experiences in the financial world. The doors will be open from 15:30 onwards, and the first speaker will start at 16:00.

After the Risk Lustrum Talks, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a three-course dinner for free. The first 50 students who enroll for Risk Lustrum Talks are ensured of the general dinner at Het Pakhuis, so be quick! You can also choose to learn more about all your career possibilities in an informal way, by attending the Business Dinner at 't Feithhuis. 

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The two speakers are Jos Heuvelman, Member of the Executive Board at AFM and Lukas Daalder, Chief Investment Strategist at BlackRock. They will elaborate on their experiences in the financial world. 

The first speaker of the day will be Jos Heuvelman, member of the executive board of the AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten). He studied Econometrics at our own university and continued with studying Economics in Amsterdam. During his career he worked for the Dutch Central Bank for more than two decades, while he also completed a masters in Risk Management at the business school of the New York University. Since last year, he is responsible for the supervision of financial products for all retail customers in the Netherlands. At Risk Lustrum Talks he will discuss how the various financial market bubbles and crises interacted with his career, and what choices he made. He will end with some personal reflections on the current situation in financial markets and what this means for the (behavior of) people working in this sector, and for the financial supervisors, such as his current employer, the AFM.

The second speaker of the day will be Lukas Daalder, Chief Investment Strategist at BlackRock. You might also know him from his weekly column in het Financiële Dagblad (the Dutch financial paper). During his career he has worked for various financial institutions, such as Rabobank and Robeco, before he started to work for the largest asset managing corporation worldwide. Using his financial expertise that he has gathered throughout his career, he will discuss recent developments in the financial markets. Do you want to know what the impact of the currently low interest rates among other relevant financial developments will be? And how this relates to the theme of our lustrum: limitless? Sign up for the Risk Lustrum Talks!

Business Dinner

The Business Dinner will take place at 't Feithhuis. The participating companies are PwC, DPA Professionals and Yacht. The Dinner will start with a short presentation about all career possibilities at each company, after which you will switch between companies for every course. This way you have the chance to meet the employees of all three companies, while enjoying a fancy dinner!

The deadline for the Business Dinner is Sunday the 24th of November. Participants will be based on CV selection by the participating companies.

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