International Financial Program

The International Financial Program (IFP) is an international research project of five weeks executed by 21 students outside Europe. During the project you will conduct research for companies for two and a half weeks, this will be supervised by two professors of our university. After the research project you will have the possibility to travel around for two and a half weeks. 

The IFP board year is part-time, starting from April 2018. In this year you will be responsible for setting up the five week research project. This implies choosing the destination, acquiring research projects, finding motivated participants and organizing the trip, social events and more. 

Being part of the IFP board is the perfect opportunity to develop your leadership, organizational and research skills.

Moreover, you will broaden your horizon and will experience what it is like to be part of a board. Last but not least, you will have a fantastic year with your fellow board members and participants, ending with the trip organized by you! 

Previous Destinations

2017: Cuba                  2012: Panama & Costa Rica
2016: Vietnam             2010: Mexico
2015: Colombia          2009: Brazil
2014: Peru                    2008: Malaysia & Indonesia
2013: Brazil                  2007: Argentina


Within the board we distinct between the following positions:
•    Chairman
•    Commercial Relations I
•    Commercial Relations II
•    Commercial Relations III & Treasurer
•    Promotion & Logistics


Before you apply, it is very useful to plan a coffee date with one of the board members first. In this informal setting you will get to know all about the board and all that goes with it. You can easily plan this coffee date by sending an email to or filling in the form below.

Already sure that you want to apply? Then send your resume and motivation letter to before Sunday the 18th of March 23:59

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