To increase the involvement among students of the same study, Risk has set up Societies for all the studies it serves; Accountancy & Controlling, Finance, International Financial Management and Organizational & Management Control. The Societies are a great way for students of the same study to get to know each other, as each Society organizes approximately four socials a year. On top of that, each Society has its own Facebook Group, where students can keep in  touch with each other, ask questions and can see when the next Society Social is.

Become a member of the Society Facebook Group of your study:

Accountancy & Controlling
International Financial Management
Organizational & Management Control

Society Coordinator 

All four Societies are being managed by its own Society Coordinators. The coordinators organize the socials and are responsible for the summaries that Risk offers her members. Each year around September, Risk is looking for new Society Coordinators. These positions are also open for international students. Are you interested? Send an email to!


Risk offers its members summaries for multiple courses. Here you can find an overview of all the available summaries!

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